The Interesting Virtual Life

The funny thing of being faraway from home is, somehow you manage to ‘see/know’ your friend’s life from social media.

Like who’s dating who, who’s on and off dating who, or a couple of months later the couple broke up and weirdly change to another ‘with who’ or a potrait of a different who with same subtle happy lovey-dovey emoticons and captions..

Well, I’m not completely against public display of affection.. But, public display of affection can be an irritant at most times especially when them couples go overboard not realising that they are becoming a pain in the ass for others. Yeah, and taking this a step further now extended their fluffy PDA to social networking sites, making you an super unwilling participant in their romantic flowery universe.

It’s not all lovey-dovey though, sharing too much about a break-up and them sad broken hearts and teen quotes all over the place also aggravates people with 58% of them saying they’d rather not know about it, or atleast, really.. People make fun of these kind of updates, so please take your time and think why it’s a huge turn off for people. Another thing I read about these virtual display of affection is they use public declarations of love as a possessive tool or as a way of marking our territory or to reassure ourselves.. Exactly like cats or dogs, peeing on people’s friggin wall or car.

I’ve been in some awkward position about this topic, which the super annoying thing is, the PDA culprit wasn’t me, but some kind of sort of thing in the past. Long story short, The Thing gotta new Thingy and stuffs, loving her and all, blabla, and then came tags and comments from stupid kids I don’t know, comparing between me and his new Thingy which I don’t care. Shit is funny tho, but The Thing deleted the bad comments of his Thingy so, yeah. Lol. But really from the deepest place in my heart where I think my feelings are still scattered around there, I hope them Things be happy tho, really.

Well, it’s just super amazing tho how fast times runs now and forms interesting social interactions in the social media. How it affects you, of course you’re the one in charge, being annoyed or just friggin ignore it. If not just unshare them for a healthy life and soul. You won’t be annoyed if they were your best people, cutting them out of you radar for the sake of happiness ain’t wrong. OH and one more thing! Since when do we need to know how detailed you love your significant other? The one who needs proof of your love is your significant other, not the whole mf world. Not only by words, stupid texts, or pictures, but real life action. Virtual stuff aint real bro. Remember that LOVE IS A VERB, LOVE IS A DOING WORD. Nite. x


Haven’t write anything here since I don’t know. Well this pretty much is a I Cannot Sleep post, so yeah pretty much just like talking to the air writing anything I want. But I’m pretty much a bit drowsey so piss off grammar nazis.

Well.. Hmm.. I think this is the hardest early year I ever experienced. A lot happened. Like, A LOT. Been so busy with problems that comes and go. I just can’t remember how was I back then before I came to Tokyo. I mean, I know that I changed and blabla. But, recalling back there seems kinda hard. I realized how “empty” it was back then. A happy empty version of me. No need to think how to survive alone here (I do have friends that are so kind, kind enough to pay me drinks all night atleast haha), pay bills, and other stupid adults stuffs about financial and life planning haha. Really, it’s tiresome but life changing in a good way.

But yeah kinda glad I took the decision to come to Japan, it’s a really decent place to throw away your spoiled manner. Japan will work your lazy ass off. It’s stay with hard work or go home. Well, maybe it’s just because of the different culture with Indonesia, it’s not that I’m saying the one who stays in Indonesia is a spoiled brat, no. But everything counts when it comes to where you live and how you live your life. We all know how ‘well’ Indonesia’s law and how our government rules. Total bullshit, in my honest opinion. Our government is not even capable in doing it’s job. Sorry to say if some of you who reads this is a die hard nationalist, but it’s so clear when you have lived in several countries for a pretty long time, that you’re capable enough to compare.

I’m not here to fish a nationality debate or shit, just trying to share some thoughts. Love it or hate it, well yeah thanks anyway.

Just look at our younger generation, kindergarten to high school students. They have a lot of time with their smartphones in their hands, even at school. Our education system is a rotten fruit. Here in Japan these young kids are not even allowed to have a smartphone, well atleast until high school where these teens had developed enough to know whats right or wrong. We do know that some of Jakarta’s kindergarten, just because of the pride and peer pressure, these parents gave them kids iPads and iPhones. They do not need technology that advance yet in their hands. Children are supposed to go out and play outdoors, do arts, do sports, do anything that engages mind, body, and soul. To be a smarter human, a creative human being with problem solving skills. Life ain’t gonna be pretty as you think kids, all of these instant technologies are just phony lullabies from smart and genius giant capitalists. They know how to ruin a nation. Parents need to have some training too about these early years and teen education stuff.

I won’t explain and complain in such a long ass manner here, but think about it and come back at me if you think I have the wrong idea or thoughts.

Well.. Hmm okay, enough of the mumble jumble. Swoon. x

Can’t sleep, decided to read some shades, enjoy. x

Music: Flying Lotus - Tell Tales


"I’m deeply sorry.. There’s a sudden meeting at work, so we can’t go for dinner together today, dammit!"

"Oh.. I see.."


"It’s okay.. Pretty sad though."


"Hey, dinner together?"

"Yay, lets! When?"

"This sunday?"

"What time?"

"How about, uhm.. Around seven o’clock?"

"Sounds great, see you!"

"Can’t wait!"


"You know what?"


“I’m pretty happy today.”

“Nice knowing that.. Do you want me to ask why?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, so.. Why are you happy?”

“Because I met you again.”


"You look really cute today! Wow."

"Uhm, yeah, right."

"No, no. I mean it. I like the skirt you’re wearing. How it flows down your hips, and even it’s in black, it made the turquoise shirt you’re wearing really stands out. But, you always look pretty for me anyway."

"Hahaha, why is that? Why are you flirting? Piss off."

"Yep, and that big smile is what I’m aiming for, it completes my day."

Sebenarnya, orang-orang ini mau kemana ya? Ramai-ramai mereka beradu akal dan pikiran, melemparkan berbagai umpan untuk menangkap sesuatu bernama Perhatian. Merasa nyaman dibalik deretan huruf-huruf fana dan merasa paling pintar karena berhasil menancapkan eksistensinya di semesta fana.

Sebenarnya, orang-orang ini mau kemana ya?

Weird weird weird
What a weird weird weird feeling
It’s so weird weird weird
I think I’m getting really weird weird weird

Doesn’t it scare you that under the land we’re living, there’s a totally reverse life down there? No one really knows. We’ve explored approx. 5-7% of the ocean floor and about 0.5% of the ocean itself. In the deep ocean, it’s even less. Yet, puny humans are still so proud of their existance.

Doesn’t it scare you that under the land we’re living, there’s a totally reverse life down there? No one really knows. We’ve explored approx. 5-7% of the ocean floor and about 0.5% of the ocean itself. In the deep ocean, it’s even less. Yet, puny humans are still so proud of their existance.

Mind Over Matter

Insecurities and things related, are only in that small mind of yours. Once you know you can overcome it, you are limitless. Focus on your skills, if you think you don’t have any skills, that means you are useless—haha, kidding—then go out and find your passion and figure out what you are good at. It doesn’t mean you have to be super awesome from the start, start small (I know, SUPER CLICHE, kill me now) But really, your hobby is your passion, not always, but mostly. If you love watching movies, learn about script writing, and ways to make them a real movie. If you love sports but too stupid to move your body, you can always be a sport journalist. If you love artsy video things on Vimeo, you don’t need a super camera, just use your mobile phone camera as a kickstart, and go search some tutorials on the web. If you love eating, learn to cook, sell them to families at first, or that secret enemy of yours, poison them—no, don’t, you’ll go to prison, but it’ll be a good drama like: “Serial Killer Chef; I Was Finding My Passion But Then You Annoy Me.” Haha, sorta.

And after all those seeking phase, show your works to someone trustworthy enough, but also honest enough to say that it sucks. Don’t panic, don’t be a pussy, embrace the suckyou have to give yourself permission to fail and be mediocre. Instead of avoiding the things that are the hardest, the greats of the world specifically focus on those things, they purposefully concentrate on the areas in which they make the most mistakes.

Information is everywhere, donkey. Hard work is the key. Even a million dollar diamond looks like horse shit when it’s still in a form of a raw rock, but because of that special carving and treatment, it became unbelievable beautiful and really expensive. Maybe you’re still in a form of that shitty ugly rock, but NOBODY has the rights to say you can’t be a super stunning diamond. Don’t care of them haters, just paddle quietly and once you’re far better than them, shove your middle finger and wave your foxy tail to annoy them.

(Nah, that’s too revengeful. Just be the better you, your only rival is the you in the past that always haunts the present you. Destroy what destroys you. Prove you can be better. Focus on yourself.)

Ciao, happy seeking and destroy. x

If your life sucks, blame your attitude.



Doodle doodle.

Doodle doodle.

"When you’re in your 20s and have that leadership gene, the bad thing is that you don’t know when to shut up. You think you know all the answers, but you don’t. What you learn later is when to just listen to everybody else…. Creativity cannot explode if you do not have the ability to step back, take in what everybody else says and then fuse it with your own ideas.”

— Francesca Zambello

(Well, I am in my 20s, and I couldn’t agree more to this based on my experience and surroundings. We all know the power of youth and stuffs, how the now generation are really capable of making changes here and there, but personally, I think that this youth movement thing, nowadays, are really getting too much. Young and proud with lots of vanilla self branding but they keep on talking and repeating same old things that are pretty outdated because some of them thinks they know everything and refuse to open up. Like we all know: Too much of something is bad enough. I’m not in any youth org or whatsoever, I really can’t differ which one is purely doing it by heart or which one is craving for the delusional attention. I just feel sorry for the ones who really pours their soul into it.)